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Augustus Bendix
Status: Alive
Occupation: US Army Major
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by: Leon Ingulsrud
Season: 3
First episode: "Eminent Domain"
Last episode: "Done"

Augustus Bendix is a major with the US Army.


Bendix has a profound interest in phrenology, or the study of the dimensions of the skull in relation to emotional and mental capacities in humans. Bendix often introduces himself as Doctor Major Augustus Bendix, but it is not known where he studied or if it is a medical degree, though his phrenology knowledge would suggest in the affirmative.

Season 3

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When Bohannon confronts Bendix about not following his countermand not to attack the Indians suspected of cattle rustling, Bendix tells Bohannon that he ignored the second order as it was more in line with orders from his superiors. He views the Indians as subhuman based on their cranial structure and failure to produce genius writers as Western civilization has. "Range War"


Season 3 appearances
"Big Bad Wolf" "Eminent Domain" "Range War" "The Game" "Searchers"
"One Less Mule" "Cholera" "It Happened in Boston" "Fathers and Sins" "Get Behind the Mule"
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"The Elusive Eden" "Escape from the Garden" "Chicken Hill" "Reckoning" "Life's a Mystery"
"Bear Man" "Elam Ferguson (Episode)" "Under Color of Law" "Two Trains" "Return to Hell"
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