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Status: Deceased
Date of death: 1865
Occupation: Security for Union Pacific Railroad
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by: Ian Tracey
Season: 1
First episode: "Pilot"
Last episode: "Revelations"
Appearances: 5 episodes (see below)

Bolan was a member of Thor Gundersen's security force.


Background information[]

Bolan wears a Union jacket and was perhaps a Union soldier in the American Civil War.

Season 1[]

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Thor Gundersen sends Bolan and Dix to find Cullen Bohannon after the body of foreman Daniel Johnson is discovered. ("Pilot", "Immoral Mathematics")

Bolan is later dispatched to go north with a party of railroad workers to search for Lily Bell, while Dix is sent south. He and his group ride up on Lily and attempt to take advantage of her but Cullen steps out from the trees and shoots his ear off. ("A New Birth of Freedom")

The black powder train catches fire resulting in a series of small explosions. Cullen finds Bolan trapped under a wheel by the wagon, he lifts the wheel and helps Bolan to safety just as a large explosion throws them forward. ("Jamais Je Ne T'oublierai")

After Cullen helps Elam Ferguson escape from being hung by Gregory Toole and his posse Gundersen demands that Toole takes care of the problem or die in the attempt. Since Toole knows nothing about tracking Bolan volunteers to take them and track Bohannan and Elam. They find a cold fire and believe they are long gone but Bolan feels some warm horse manure, stands up, screams "ambush" and is shot by a hidden Bohannan. After the gun fight, Bohannan walks over to the dying Bolan and Bolan asks "Am I Dying?" "Yeah." "Will I find peace where I'm bound?" To which Bohannan says "I don't know if men like us ever find peace, Mr Bolan, in this world or the next, but I hope so..... I really do". Bolan dies to these words. ("Revelations")



Season 1 appearances
"Pilot" "Immoral Mathematics" "A New Birth of Freedom" "Jamais Je Ne T'oublierai" "Bread and Circuses"
"Pride, Pomp and Circumstance" "Revelations" "Derailed" "Timshel" "God of Chaos"