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Doc Whitehead
Status: Deceased
Age: Eary 60's
Also known as: 'Doc' By Cullen
Occupation: Physician

Confederate States Army Surgeon

Relatives: Unammed Wife

Tommy (Deceased) Two Sons (Deceased)

Behind the scenes
Portrayed by: Grainger Hines
Seasons: 2, 3
First episode: "Viva La Mexico"
Last episode: "Big Bad Wolf"
Appearances: 5 episodes (see below)
Doc Whitehead is a supporting character in AMC's Hell on Wheels. A former Confederate States Surgeon and an old friend of Cullen Bohannon.

Background & Early Life[]

Doc Whitehead was born in the early 1800's and grew up in Meridian, Mississippi, although little is known regarding his early life. As an adult, he worked as a physician. He later married a woman where together they had three sons including one named Tommy.

Whitehead once met a man named William Edgar Bohannon and also befriended his son Cullen. He once removed buckshot wound from his rear end and patched him up more than any other child in Meridian.

In 1861, Once the American Civil War broke out, Whitehead enlisted in the Confederate States Army where he served as a battlefield surgeon. Tragically, he lost all three of his sons and never had the opportunity to bury them.

After the war, Whitehead joined a group of ex Confederate soldiers from Alabama led by Hawkins and became Rebel train robbers. Together they planned to build a new life in the colony of Mexico.

Season 2[]

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Season 3[]

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Doc Whitehead appears to a delirious Bohannon during the harsh winter in Nebraska.


Season 2 appearances
"Viva La Mexico" "Durant, Nebraska" "Slaughterhouse" "Scabs" "The Railroad Job"
"Purged Away with Blood" "The White Spirit" "The Lord's Day" "Blood Moon" "Blood Moon Rising"
Season 3 appearances
"Big Bad Wolf" "Eminent Domain" "Range War" "The Game" "Searchers"
"One Less Mule" "Cholera" "It Happened in Boston" "Fathers and Sins" "Get Behind the Mule"