Status: Deceased
Date of death: 1865
Occupation: US Cavalry Officer
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by: Ty Olsson
Season: 1
First episode: "Derailed"
Last episode: "Timshel"
Appearances: 2 episodes (see below)

Griggs was a US Cavalry Officer assigned to pursue the renegade Cheyenne responsible for the attack on the survey camp and the death of Robert Bell.



During the Civil War, he took part in the Battle of Antietam. ("Derailed")

Season 1Edit

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Griggs is brought in to find the Cheyenne responsible for sabotaging the railroad. Joseph Black Moon, worried that the cavalry troops will kill all of the villagers, agrees to led Griggs to the renegades but only if he is allowed to accompany the posse. Griggs, though vocally reluctant to bring Joseph, allows him to join the posse but only after being forced by Thomas Durant's threat to contact his commanding officer, General Grenville M. Dodge. They are attacked by Cheyenne("Derailed")

They are able to defeat the Cheyenne and only Griggs, Cullen Bohannon, Elam Ferguson, Joseph and another soldier is left alive, during the battle Griggs is hit in the arm by an arrow. Griggs resumes the search for the other villagers. He returns to the camp lookig for Joseph, intent of kill him. Only to find Reverend Nathaniel Cole, that asks Griggs to forgive Joseph, but Griggs is still intent of kill him and as he turns to leave the Reverend grabbs Griggs sword and deapitates him ("Timshel")

Nathaniel disposses of Griggs body and head by putting them in a coffin and burying it. ("God of Chaos")


Season 1 appearances
"Pilot" "Immoral Mathematics" "A New Birth of Freedom" "Jamais Je Ne T'oublierai" "Bread and Circuses"
"Pride, Pomp and Circumstance" "Revelations" "Derailed" "Timshel" "God of Chaos"