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Joseph Dutson
Status: Deceased
Marital status: Married
Relatives: Ezra Dutson - son
Relationships: Eleanor Dutson - wife
Behind the scenes
Season: 3
First episode: "Range War"
Last episode: "One Less Mule"
Appearances: 4 episodes (see below)

Joseph Dutson was a Mormon man crossing the prairie with his family.

Background Information[]

Joseph is a devout Mormon man who is married to Eleanor Dutson. Together they have a son named Ezra.

Season 3[]

Main article: Season 3

Joseph and his family cross paths with a man known to them as Andersen, though it is in fact Thor Gundersen. Joseph attempts to covert the Swede, lending him a copy of the Book of Mormon. Joseph baptizes Ezra along the trail on the boy's eighth birthday. He also baptizes the Swede, though this turns out to be a ruse in order for the Swede to separate and kill the Dutson parents. The Swede drags Joseph underwater and stabs him several times. This does not kill Joseph and the Swede eventually breaks his neck, killing him. ("One Less Mule")


Season 3 appearances
"Big Bad Wolf" "Eminent Domain" "Range War" "The Game" "Searchers"
"One Less Mule" "Cholera" "It Happened in Boston" "Fathers and Sins" "Get Behind the Mule"