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Naomi Bohannon
Status: Alive
Age: 18
Marital status: Married/Separated
Relatives: Aaron Hatch - father (deceased)
Mother Hatch - mother (deceased)
Jeb Hatch - brother (deceased)
Henry Hatch - brother
Cullen Bohannon - ex-husband
William Bohannon - son
Isaac Vinson - husband
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by: Siobhan Williams (season 3)
MacKenzie Porter (season 4)
Seasons: 3, 4
First episode: "Eminent Domain"
Last episode: "The Elusive Eden"
Appearances: 3 episodes (see below)

Naomi Bohannon, born Hatch, is a young Mormon woman who lives in Nebraska with her family. She later became the second wife of Cullen Bohannon after he discovered that she was pregnant with his child.


Background Information[]

Naomi is the daughter of Aaron Hatch, a Nebraska homesteader. She has several siblings, two of whom are named on screen: Jeb and Henry.

Season 3[]

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When Cullen Bohannon eats dinner at her family's home, Naomi spends most of the meal staring at him. Later in the barn, she has a liaison with Bohannon, though this is cut short when they hear noise outside. "Eminent Domain")

Naomi and her family move to Fort Smith after their encounter with the railroad. When Bohannon is brought to trial for hanging Jeb, Naomi reveals that she is pregnant with Bohannon's child. Though her father was incredibly angry at this turn of events, she never says that she was forced. She accepts his offer of marriage, citing it as God's plan.

On their wedding night, there is an uneasiness between her and Bohannon. She inquires about Bohannon's past marriage, to which he replies, "That's personal." Naomi confesses that she is worried Bohannon isn't committed to their marriage and will try to escape Fort Smith at first chance. Bohannon replies plainly, "I ain't like that," and assures Naomi that he will stay with her, The following morning, he tells Naomi over breakfast they will "figure it out." Naomi comes out of the fort later that day to bring Bohannon water while he works, Bohannon sees her, and they exchange smiles. However, as she walks towards him, Gundersen stops her, motioning for a drink, Naomi hands him the full ladle with a look of concern, Gunderson takes it, sips it,  pours the remaining water onto the ground, and watches happily as he destroys a moment between Naomi and Bohannon. ("Get Behind the Mule")

Season 4[]

Naomi gave birth to a baby boy. She later named her child William, after Cullen's father, William Edgar Bohannon. ("The Elusive Eden")


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Season 4 appearances
"The Elusive Eden" "Escape from the Garden" "Chicken Hill" "Reckoning" "Life's a Mystery"
"Bear Man" "Elam Ferguson (Episode)" "Under Color of Law" "Two Trains" "Return to Hell"
"Bleeding Kansas" "Thirteen Steps" "Further West"

Behind the Scenes[]

Naomi was originally played by Siobhan Williams. MacKenzie Porter was recast as Naomi for Season 4, due to Williams' scheduling conflicts after she joined the cast of ABC's Black Box.