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Status: Deceased
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by: Aileen Harley
Season: 2
Episode: "Viva La Mexico"
Appearances: 1 episodes (see below)

Penny was a prostitute that was based in Hell on Wheels.

Background Information[]

Season 2[]

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Penny was most likely murdered by Dieter Schmidt, the foreman of the Union Pacific Railroad. Penny's murder sets off a chain of events that ends in the assault and wrongful imprisonment of Mickey and Sean McGinnes and the murders of Schmidt (by Elam) and Schmidt's friend, Bauer (by the McGinnes brothers).


Season 2 appearances
"Viva La Mexico" "Durant, Nebraska" "Slaughterhouse" "Scabs" "The Railroad Job"
"Purged Away with Blood" "The White Spirit" "The Lord's Day" "Blood Moon" "Blood Moon Rising"