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Season 3

Number of episodes: 10
Original run: August 10, 2013 to October 5, 2013
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Season 3 of Hell on Wheels premiered on August 10, 2013.


Starring cast

  1. Anson Mount as Cullen Bohannon
  2. Colm Meaney as Thomas Durant
  3. Common as Elam Ferguson
  4. Jennifer Ferrin as Louise Ellison
  5. Robin McLeavy as Eva
  6. Phil Burke as Mickey McGinnes
  7. Ben Esler as Sean McGinnes
  8. Kasha Kropinski as Ruth
  9. Dohn Norwood as Psalms


Image Title Season # Writer(s) Director Original airdate
Big Bad Wolf.png "Big Bad Wolf" 1 Mark Richard David Von Ancken August 10, 2013
Cullen Bohannon attempts to obtain engineer control of the Union Pacific Railroad, while an imprisoned Thomas Durant wishes to prevent that. Elam Ferguson and Eva welcome their new baby.
Eminent Domain.png "Eminent Domain" 2 John Wirth Adam Davidson August 10, 2013
The railroad progress is interrupted by a family of Mormons in its path. When a family member kills the railroad's sheriff, Cullen Bohannon seeks justice. Louise Ellison, a New-York Tribune reporter, arrives in town to witness it all.
Range War.png "Range War" 3 Mark Richard and Reed Steiner Dennie Gordon August 17, 2013
When his railroad crew is attacked, Cullen Bohannon first suspects the natives but learns Thomas Durant might be behind it. Declan Toole arrives in town to claim Eva and her baby to honor his brother's memory and Irish custom. Thor Gundersen, now calling himself "Mr. Anderson," helps a stranded family.
The Game.png "The Game" 4 Jami O'Brien Adam Davidson August 24, 2013
Cullen Bohannon and Elam Ferguson must travel into Kiowa territory to barter for lumber, only to learn they must play a game of stickball with their own lives at stake. Back in town, Thomas Durant arrives to tell Louise Ellison of Cullen Bohannon's murderous past and Eva ponders her and her baby's future. Out on the prairie, Thor Gundersen learns the Dutson family is traveling to Fort Smith, where Joseph Dutson will be a bishop.
Searchers.png "Searchers" 5 Bruce Marshall Romans Neil LaBute August 31, 2013
As storm clouds draw closer to town, Cullen Bohannon joins Elam Ferguson in his search for the missing baby; Psalms interrogates Declan Toole for his possible involvement; Eva questions her motherhood; and Thomas Durant offers a reward. Meanwhile, Thor Gundersen witnesses the Dutson son's baptism.
OneLessMule.png "One Less Mule" 6 John Wirth & Lolis Eric Elie David Straiton & Deran Sarafian September 7, 2013
Cullen Bohannon's railroad job is in jeopardy, as Thomas Durant brings the Crédit Mobilier Board, as well as General Ulysses S. Grant, to town for a competency hearing. Jasper Prescott arrives in town seeking revenge on Cullen for killing his brother Buckton Prescott. Elam Ferguson proposes marriage to Eva and she accepts. Thor Gundersen kills the Dutson parents.
How-se3-episode7-main-590.jpg "Cholera" 7 Tom Brady Deran Sarafian September 14, 2013
Cullen Bohannon sets out in search for fresh water when some of his workers, himself included, suffers from cholera. He gets no help from Thomas Durant, who has difficulties of his own when Senator Nathan Metcalf threatens to remove him from Crédit Mobilier. Eva makes a decision about her child's future. Thor Gundersen poses as Bishop Joseph Dutson, telling about the loss of his family to his Fort Smith escort. Ezra Dutson saves both Cullen and the town by leading him to water.
HOW boston 2.jpg "It Happened in Boston" 8 Mark Richard Rosemary Rodriguez September 21, 2013
Elam Ferguson's and Eva's relationship becomes strained, when he learns she gave the baby to Declan Toole. Cullen Bohannon and Thomas Durant ride to Fort Smith to reclaim the deserted workers, but must first have dinner with Collis Huntington, owner of the Central Pacific Railroad and the fort. Sean McGinnes informs Mickey of his plans to confess his past crimes; the revelation to Ruth Cole results in fatal consequences.
How-s3-episode9-photos-590.jpg "Fathers and Sins" 9 John Wirth & Reed Steiner Billy Gierhart September 28, 2013
Cullen Bohannon's plan for the railroad to reach the nearby town of Cheyenne must continue without him, when he is captured by armed men led by Aaron Hatch and taken to Fort Smith. Elam Ferguson rallies the railroad workers to resume the construction. Eva Toole mistakes Louise Ellison's concern for her as something more. Ruth Cole questions Mickey McGinnes about Sean McGinnes's death, believing it to be senseless.
How310-cullen-560.jpg "Get Behind the Mule" 10 Mark Richard & Jami O'Brien Neil LaBute October 5, 2013
Cullen Bohannon is taken before the Mormon bishop, whom he recognizes as Thor Gundersen. He is shown mercy, but must marry the pregnant Naomi Hatch. Thomas Durant, owning a majority share of the railroad, usurps control. Elam Ferguson makes a dangerous decision to rescue Cullen on his own.