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Cheyenne Woman
Status: Alive
Marital status: Widowed
Relationships: Sun Bear - husband
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by: Sharon Taylor
Season: 1
Episode: "Pride, Pomp and Circumstance"
Appearances: 1 episodes (see below)

The Indian woman is Cheyenne and was married to Sun Bear.

Background Information[]

The Indian woman was married to Sun Bear, who killed Robert Bell and shot Lily Bell with an arrow. Lily subsequently killed Sun Bear with the arrow with which she had been shot. ("Pilot") After the massacre, the other Cheyenne braves brought back Robert's hat, possibly supposing that Robert had been the man who killed Sun Bear. ("Pride, Pomp and Circumstance")

Season 1[]

Main article: Season 1

When the woman visits Hell on Wheels, she attends a church meeting lead by Ruth and translated by Joseph Black Moon. As Lily passes the church tent, she recognizes the hat that the woman is wearing as Robert's. Lily attacks the woman and is pulled away by Bohannon. Joseph later brings the woman to meet a calmer Lily and explains how she got the hat and that she, too, is a widow. The woman returns the hat, though Lily returns the feather that the woman had attached to the hatband. ("Pride, Pomp and Circumstance")


Season 1 appearances
"Pilot" "Immoral Mathematics" "A New Birth of Freedom" "Jamais Je Ne T'oublierai" "Bread and Circuses"
"Pride, Pomp and Circumstance" "Revelations" "Derailed" "Timshel" "God of Chaos"