Hell on wheels Wiki


Hell on Wheels is back and that means there will be lots of new pages added and old pages updated.

We really need a style guide, but I don't want to just lord over things and implement rules. I want to hear from the community and make it something we all work on, just like the wiki. If you have ideas about what we should put in the style guide, put your ideas on the new forum post, Ideas for Style Guide.

We also have a glut of possibly unnecessary pages such as pages for locations or characters mentioned in passing but never seen on the show. Again, I'm not going to just delete things. If you come across a page that you think is unnecessary for the wiki, mark it with {{delete}} at the top of the page when in source mode. If you see the deletion header but disagree, please discuss it in Category talk:Candidates for deletion.

I'm always open to ideas of ways to improve the wiki so don't hesitate to leave a message on my talk page. Without great contributors, there would be no wiki, so thanks for all your hard work!